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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-07-12

Submitted by on Sunday, 12 July 2009One Comment

PS3 Attitude on TwitterWell.

What a week.

This week we; closed our E3 SWAG competition, entered GamesAid Charity Poker, gave away codes for PSFree Attitude Tuesday, attended the launch party for Battlefield 1943 and uncovered a side-business run by one of our own… disturbing just doesn’t cover it…

And to think this is just in one week!

  • @Ducer15 Thanks for organising it again mate – more of us will be at the next one. We’ll DM you with some dates… in reply to Ducer15 #
  • Check out the new design on our official YouTube channel – and whilst you’re there, why not subscribe too! :) #
  • Last day to enter our E3 SWAG Competition – winners announced tomorrow – – Plz RT #
  • @djhsecondnature in reply to djhsecondnature #
  • We just entered the GamesAid Charity Poker tournament – how about you? #
  • Welcome to #psfreeattitude – we have two PSN codes to give away today and then we’ll announce the winners of our E3 SWAG comp… #
  • Our first #psfreeattitude giveaway is for a copy of Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom for the EU PS Store. So, how do you win it? #
  • For the next hour (until 11:15 UK time) you’ll need to tweet us saying why you should win the game… here’s how to format your tweet… #
  • “#psfreeattitude @ps3attitude should give me free swag because” – and then finish the sentence. We’ll pick our favourite at 11:15 UK time. #
  • Good luck! We’ll see you in an hour… :) #
  • Remember to format your tweet “#psfreeattitude @ps3attitude should give me free swag because” – you’re playing for a free Mahjong game #
  • #psfreeattitude Thanks for all your entries – we’ll go through them now and will announce a winner soon. Any after 11:15 will be discounted. #
  • Congrats to @djryan who wins Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. We’re suckers for word-play here at #psfreeattitude. We’ll DM you the code… #
  • #psfreeattitude will return later today. Don’t forget, we’ll pick a winner for our big E3 SWAG competition tonight as well… :) #
  • #psfreeattitude continues for our NA readers. Up for grabs – Killzone 2 DLC – Flash & Thunder. Here comes the instructions … #
  • Tweet “#psfreeattitude @ps3attitude should give me free swag because …” fill in the blanks. Best answer within the next 60 minutes wins. #
  • Congrats to @Blazsox who wins the KZ2 DLC. Not only was his entry laced with innuendo but there was an AC/DC reference to boot! #
  • #psfreeattitude The E3 SWAG Competition is now over. We’ve picked two winners. As soon as we have their permission, we’ll publish who won! #
  • #psfreeattitude Thanks to everyone that got involved. That concludes our PSFree Attitude feature for today. More giveaways next Tuesday. :) #
  • Famitsu gives Pro Yakyuu Spirits 6 37/40. Wow. It’s true – the Japanese really do love their baseball. #
  • RT @GlobalGivingUK: Only 2 weeks till the end of our Acts of Kindness travel competition ends. Enter to win a trip for 2 #
  • Once again, well done to @kriziag and @NokkonWud for winning our E3 SWAG – full story here #
  • Are any of our followers going to the Develop Conference in Brighton next week? Let us know now if you are… #
  • We have an open thread at our PlayFire Group – why not drop by and add in your thoughts/info… #
  • You’ll need to join the group here first before you can post – #
  • @nickchester Why would she leave the house WITH the pasta? That makes no sense. Doesn’t she know they serve food in prison? in reply to nickchester #
  • RT @aleksk: UK folks: do u want ur mobile number in a public directory? if not, opt out by Monday at the latest: #
  • @damnmooks Absolutely – all the details are here – in reply to damnmooks #
  • @MusterBuster Interesting, but there are lots of ways 2 implement w/out infringing on the patent, & Sony could always do a deal w/ Skype too in reply to MusterBuster #
  • We’re loving’s Develop time and meeting scheduler – very slick and handy as heck… #
  • RT @markyward: 40 players for the GamesAid Charity Poker Tournament at Develop next week: (@PS3Attitude is one of them) #
  • @byronicman Is that Mad-Eye Moody? in reply to byronicman #
  • Off to London for the Battlefield 1943 Launch Party/Event – if you’re there, we’ll pass you one of the free drinks and pretend we bought it #
  • @godfatherobie If you’re in the UK, get yourself a pre-paid Maestro from Tuxedo – works a treat with the PSN… in reply to godfatherobie #
  • @godfatherobie Then contact your card company and Sony – we’ve tested Maestro, Mastercard and Visa pre-paids without any issue… in reply to godfatherobie #
  • Great Battlefield 1943 event in London. Thanks to everyone involved. #
  • @richard4481 Actually, we drank all the swag! Was a great event though, and had lots of fun playing the game and meeting some great peeps. in reply to richard4481 #
  • Look out for some related Battlefield 1943 news soon enough – we won’t keep you waiting long… #
  • Saw this on the way to the BF1943 launch event last night – remind you of anyone? :) @Brodie_san #
  • #followfriday, The Reciprocity Edition: @tomi71 @rukland @raydawg13 @DANTHEMAN_69 @JoePendragon @richard4481 @Casta_Rasa @Milereb #
  • @nickchester We hear you on Psi-Ops Nick. There’s nothing quite like setting fire to people … WITH YOUR MIND! 😀 in reply to nickchester #