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Uncharted 2 Release Date confirmed; Drake hangs precariously on cover

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 July 20094 Comments

Uncharted 2Confirmed to Kotaku, and then reiterated in an official tweet from Naughty Dog, the release date for Game of the Year candidate Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in NA is out of the bag.

You can now encircle October 13th on your game calendar as when your other half should plan that long awaited trip to their folks.

You’re going to be busy.

We also get a look at the official box-art which consists of an image of Drake we’ve seen before and are particularly fond of. There’s just something about a roguish hero hanging from his finger-tips that gets us all excited.

Finally, we also get to hear about the pre-order bonuses on offer and boy are they convoluted. Brace yourself, here comes the non-science bit …

At BestBuy you’ll be able to avail of some golden guns for your multi-player experience. Pre-order at Amazon and avail of a treasure map that helps locate all the treasures in the game. Wander in to GameStop and get early access to the new multiplayer demo and a booster called “Revenge Attribute” while, last but by no means least, Game Crazy have an exclusive Currency Multiplier that will enable you to unlock bonuses faster.

Irrespective of the cover and the fancy pants pre-order bonuses, the most important point is when. 84 days ’til Drake … (and counting)