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Uncharted 2 website launches, new screenshots await

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 July 20094 Comments

Uncharted 2The Uncharted 2: Among Thieves website has just launched and it features brand new screenshots as well as interactive elements including a 360 degree view of the Nepal Warzone map.

This game looks so stunning it is unbelievable. And Sony aren’t afraid to show off their tonne of awards from the major media websites for their E3 showing.

If you fancy sprucing up your background for your PS3 or PC there are a bunch of wallpapers too for download while you wait for the October release.

In addition to the website, we have come across two never seen before screenshots of the game that look even more impressive and graphically superior to the ones we have just seen.

Best looking game ever?

Best looking game ever?

If there was any doubt in your mind on which game most of all you must pick up at the end of this year, the new website and additional screenshots should confirm the game’s presence on your wish list.

Don't damage him! He's precious.

Don't damage him! He's precious.

We have rarely seen a game come so far in visual detail from the opening trailer and screenshots to what we see now. Even when you compare what we saw at E3 nearly two months ago the game has just upped itself in quality further. Kudos is fully deserved to Naughty Dog!