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Valve to create a dedicated PS3 team

Submitted by on Friday, 3 July 20093 Comments

Half-Life 2If certain analysts can come out declaring the sky is blue, then we feel it’s acceptable to also state the blatantly obvious sometimes.

Valve do not like the PS3.

This position may change though as, speaking to Joystiq at a press-event in London yesterday, Valve hinted towards embracing Sony’s console – but only when the time is right. Namely when they have the people in place to do so.
While at the Left 4 Dead 2 event in the UK capital, Valve’s Doug Lombardi made the following comments:

“If you look at The Orange Box — PC: 96 on Metacritic, 360: 96 on Metacritic, PS3 like… 84 or something. That’s not even close to where we are right now with the 360 and PC and the reason is people.”

Of course, it was EA who handled the port of The Orange Box to the PS3 but it’s evident that Valve are at least protective of their properties and their name. And if the studio are to produce PS3 games with the Valve stamp of approval, it will only be when they know they can produce products of equal quality. Lombardi continued with:

“[…] we have to get people under our roof who are dedicated, talented PS3 guys and then all bets are off. We can take the same sort of strides and get the quality out of the box and offer the same support post-launch on that platform, as well.”

Much has been made of the Half-Life developer’s attitude towards our console of choice; especially when comments like “The PS3 is a waste of everybody’s time” from Valve Big Whig himself, Gabe Newell, resounded around the internet like wild-fire last year.

We’re not going to defend Valve, that comment or their current stance on what platforms they do or do not wish to develop games for. After all, every studio has the right to choose what hardware they will or will not work with.

However, it does appear that a lot of the anti-PS3 sentiment from Valve over the years can be attributed to simple ignorance of the technology rather than blind distaste for something they obviously know little about. Valve are a PC, and by extension a 360, developer at heart. They’re good at making games on these platforms and have sales figures to prove it.

What the company appears to be doing now is standing up and admitting that their PS3 knowledge is lacking. And until they put a dedicated PS3 team together so as to produce the same degree of quality for their titles across all platforms – only then will Value support it.