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Website features update; the bunny boiler edition

Submitted by on Sunday, 26 July 20094 Comments

ps3_attitude_new_logoGood day dear readers.

The swanky new login bar we implemented recently just didn’t work out. Once we’d got it home, it started re-arranging all our furniture and brought it’s pet bug collection along with it, so we had to be cruel to be kind and kick it out on the street.

But here’s the good news…

We’ve added a nicer-than-the-original-edition login to the right sidebar that makes it easy to log in, log out and manage your profile.

In addition, we’re monitoring the recently added Agree and Disagree buttons, as some of you are finding that they aren’t working as expected. If they continue to be a problem, we may have to cut them out of the will too – harsh, but fair.

If you’ve been having issues, or not, with the new features, let us know in the comments so we can monitor the situation. Many thanks!