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PS3 Attitude website updates and new features

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 July 200923 Comments

PS3 Attitude - white 400We’re always striving to provide you, our gracious readers, with the best features and tools here at PS3 Attitude, and we hope the latest changes we’ve made will be to your liking.

In one of our biggest updates for some time, we’ve added new commenting features, a great new login system and various other cool additions.

The biggest change is the login system. Instead of a fairly anonymous menu in the right sidebar, you should now see a fully animated drop-down tab at the top of the site.

loginThis will allow you to login (or register) and manage your profile, without having to leave the site.

In the right sidebar, above the Tag Cloud, you’ll now see a list of the most recent comments made on the site, and you can click through to that comment to find out what your fellow users are writing about.

This in itself is a great new feature, but when you get to the comment in question you’ll now find that you can Agree or Disagree with that comment. In fact, if you look at the bottom of each post, you can Agree or Disagree with our writers too!

What you’re going to find really interesting is what we do with that information in the coming days, as we have a great new feature planned that requires a good amount of Agree/Disagree data before we can implement it, so get voting!

We have also added an icon that shows you how many times a particular story has been tweeted about on Twitter, and there is a handy ‘Retweet’ button that allows you to tell your followers what PS3 Attitude stories you’re reading right now.

At the bottom of each article you’ll now discover a Related Posts selection that can help you gain further insight into your favourite titles or topics, and when we update a story the new details will be near the end of the piece in a fetching red box, making it clear what has been updated and when it happened.


Finally, say ‘hello’ to our PS3 Attitude LinkBar. When you visit an external link, we’ll now give you a handy bar at the top of the screen that allows you to return to PS3 Attitude, share the link with your friends via various social networking systems and even see where else on PS3 Attitude that link has been mentioned.

In addition to these ‘on-site’ changes, you’ll also now find us at Flickr. We’ll be using Flickr for our screenshots and other ‘gallery’ images, as well as photos from events and conferences. Why not come and view our Photostream and add us as a friend if you have a Flickr account.

Just like Battlefield 1943, where the number of kills unlocked a new map, we’ll make one more killer feature available once we have seen enough Agree/Disagree votes on the system, so go get interactive.

Oh, and do tell us what you think of these new additions to your daily PS3 news site in the comments – we’d love to hear from you.