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Fancy spoiling 5 minutes of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

Submitted by on Monday, 17 August 2009One Comment

Uncharted 2Rarely do we post anything here at PS3 Attitude without checking out the footage ourselves first. This, however, is one of those unusual occasions where we’re simply going to blind post and hope for the best.

The reason? With the recent multiplayer demo and numerous media reveals, we feel like we’ve already played Uncharted 2 and the game is still weeks away from launch. At this point, some of us have decided to take a step back from the game before we OD (Over Drake) and experience waves of déjà-vu when we finally do get our hands on it.

If you wish to engorge yourself in over 5 full minutes of single-player footage from the new Drake tale – then go ahead. We’re not going to stop you. We’ll be the ones standing over in the corner with our hands firmly clasped over our eyes and ears*.

For the inclined, there is also a longer video over at 1UP where the guys discuss the above footage in detail. We’re talking really looking under the hood here. If you’ve watched the above you may as well watch the other video too and spoil yourself even further. Just don’t mention any of it in the comments or we’ll be pissed.

*Who are we kidding? We watched it and you know it.