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50 Cent has your six in Modern Warfare 2

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 August 20093 Comments

Modern Warfare 2Chalk this one down to cashing in your celebrity status but it appears that Curtis Jackson (50 Cent to his friends and fans) has snagged one of the multiplayer voice duties in Game of the Year candidate and all round Call of Duty juggernaut Modern Warfare 2.

Stressing that Fiddy is just one of many voices that will be heard in the mutliplayer aspect of the game, Activision has revealed that other celebs will also be heard chiming in with the usual “Man down! Medic! Don’t look me in the eye you peon! Where’s my agent?” battlefield yelps.

We’re not sure how we feel about Curtis covering our backs in Modern Warfare 2. Isn’t a part of 50 Cent’s whole shtick the fact that he’s been shot like 120 times or something? Doesn’t inspire confidence.

Then again, it’s probably just wanton jealousy on our part that we don’t get invited to Infinity Ward or the chance that we’ll ever be offered such cool gigs. That and the fact we’d probably fluff the lines anyway.