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All Motion games will support at least one controller

Submitted by on Wednesday, 26 August 2009No Comment

Motion ControllerSony’s new unnamed motion controller announced at E3 is already expected to be released next Spring, and with the use of the PlayStation Eye, a number of controllers can be used at once.

They will be sold individually, but one question that has been on some people’s lips since the conference is whether some games may require you to own more than one controller, forcing gamers to fork out more money from their pockets.

That question has now been answered thanks to president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, who had this to say about the device and its launch titles:

Because of cost-of-goods and, you know, people have to have the PlayStation Eye camera as well, we are approaching the launch by making sure that all games that we create can be played with one controller and the camera. We will also introduce options for if you happen to have more than one controller available. Experiences will be enhanced if you purchase a second.

Of course this doesn’t out rule the possibility of mandatory two-controller games in the future, but at least for now they are looking to be more wallet friendly. The company are very optimistic for the potential of the product in the future too:

The ultimate goal or wish for us is if you have two controllers, like we demoed at E3, we can do something really amazing. It’s like putting your arms into the TV, like a gaming space, and you have total control of the 3D space in front of you.

We are trying to make the entry barrier as low as possible, but I’m looking forward to introduce more advanced things you can do with having two in your hands.

Sounds very good to us, and unlike what we seem to be seeing with Microsoft, they are not trying to reinvent gaming, only giving us that added option, a new experience available to us all if we choose to use it, which sounds great to us.