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Batman: Arkham Asylum behind the scenes video shows a PS3 Slim?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 12 August 2009One Comment

Batman: Arkham AsylumTwo stories for the price of one here.

Check out the following link (we’d embed the video but we don’t play nice with iFrames) over at C&VG for a look at some behind the scenes footage taken at Rocksteady, the studio behind the upcoming and eagerly anticipated Batman: Arkham Asylum.

On its own, it’s an interesting exposé with interviews from the likes of comic-book maven and game writer Paul Dini to some pretty cool mocap shots of martial artists going through their acrobatic moves in order to help the animators capture Batman’s unique fighting style within the game.

What is also intriguing from the footage is, right at the end when the camera pans across the Rocksteady development floor, there appears to be a blurred console sitting vertical on one of the developer’s desks.

Speculation is rife that this strange out of focus device is none other than the rumoured PS3 Slim. We don’t engage in rumour, we just present the footage and you can make up your own mind.

That said, with the game coming out shortly and the newly designed PS3 also apparently imminent, it would make sense that developers have got their hands on the updated hardware if anything to make sure their games run smoothly on it.

Or someone is just randomly blurring objects on people’s desks for the sake of it. You never can tell these days.