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Batman Vs. The Gadget Show

Submitted by on Monday, 17 August 2009One Comment

Batman: Arkham AsylumKnown as a man with an almost unhealthy penchant for gadgetry (when not picking up wayward boys and dressing them up in spandex), Batman just wouldn’t be caught dead without the latest smart-phone/netbook/high-tech gizmo capable of slicing your head clean off.

Showcased in the below trailer, watch as the Dark Knight unleashes numerous fandangled doohickeys from his high-tech trick-bag including batarangs, explosive gels and even infrared vision in an effort to get the jump on the inmates of Arkham Asylum.

And when he’s done dishing out beatings to his adversaries, he then orders a pizza on his bat-belt! OK, he doesn’t do that but he could … if he wanted to.

We particularly like how Bats can pull a floor apart with just the aid of a few heavy duty wires. No doubt that’s Bat-Wire™ folks.