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GC09; Bayonetta shows us her bazookas

Submitted by on Thursday, 20 August 2009No Comment

BayonettaAlong with our preview of Alpha Protocol, SEGA gave us a preview of Bayonetta. Not only that, but producer Yusuke Hashimoto himself held the controller to give us the very best experience.

The very first thing you notice is just how damn good this game looks. The graphics are outstanding, and every animation is smooth as silk. Which is handy, given the amount of the stuff our sexy witch wears (and rubber, leather etc.).

But as he played through the game, Hashimoto-san had a surprisingly powerful new weapon to reveal to us.

After opening with an impressive, and surprisingly enjoyable cut-scene, we’re thrown into the action as Bayonetta protects a human character called Luke.

Bayonetta can use her powers to slow down enemies and freeze them, but the most impressive attacks come with the multitude of set-piece executions. In one case, she creates a massive guillotine for her prey, in another she materialises an iron maiden.

Picking up weapons along the way, our main character (who clearly did go to Specsavers, judging from the frames she rocks) also has a vast array of attack options that are attached to her body, including the newly announced tonfa, and can morph into other creatures, such as a sleek cat-like form.

And this isn’t your daddy’s tonfa; the long part of the traditional Japanese weapon is actually a bazooka!

We asked Hashimoto-san about the number of weapons available:

We can’t say exactly how many weapons are in the game right now, but we have revealed the handguns, shotguns, bazookas, whip and tonfa. Bayonetta is able to equip weapons on her hands and feet, and you can even reassign weapons with a single button click during a combo. The variation is amazing, as the options multiply themselves thanks to the ability to switch sets of weapons.

There are also some accessories which, whilst we can’t reveal them at this time, add even further customisation to the experience.

It was an honour to see the game played by the producer, and this certainly seems to be the game that Hashimoto-san and the team at Platinum Games has always wanted to create.

And when we were treated to the boss, it was clear that it is not only God of War III that has colossal-scales foes to deal with. Get ready to be surprised at the sheer scale of some of the enemies.