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Behold Borderlands’ awesome boxart

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 August 2009No Comment

BorderlandsThough the majority of us make our game purchasing decisions based on brand loyalty, past experience with a developer’s previous games or, God forbid, what some over-worked journalist in a magazine says, there is another cadre of people out there who simply walk into a store, clap eyes on a pretty picture and promptly throw down some money at a disgruntled game shop employee.

If Gearbox are targeting that third group, we feel Borderlands’ sales are going to be through the roof.

If the cover art gets past the censors first of course.

We love the tongue-in-cheek anarchistic vibe from the Borderlands boxart so much that, and we’re not sure how this happened to be honest, we now want it even more.

The brain-splatter image is sure to offend some from the over-sensitive side of the fence but – who cares about them? Kudos to 2K Games and Gearbox for this ballsy and inventive display.

Our only critique would be that the image within the brain-matter is that of an old screenshot from a time before the game received its signature and bold graphical overhaul. A small point but one we make nonetheless.