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Dante’s Inferno gluttony diary will make you sick

Submitted by on Wednesday, 12 August 2009No Comment

dantes-inferno-glutIt’s been a couple of strange weeks for Visceral Games with the loss of some of their top brass and then that whole “please sexually assault our booth babes at E3” scandal.

It’s therefore quite nice to actually get back to business and talk about their next game – Dante’s Inferno.

You’ll no doubt remember our report on Visceral’s 2nd developer diary for their Hellish title, the indulgent and twisted Lust. In fact, you’re probably still in therapy because of it.

Well, better clear your shrink’s schedule because wait ’til you get a load of the absolutely bizarre and nauseating Gluttony layer in the game. Bring a sick bag. Actually, bring a sick suitcase.

When a developer says one of their levels is “like walking through someone’s intestines” and “you’re not walking on mud, you’re walking on faeces,” we usually back away slowly, only to rush forward again with keen and morbid interest.

We’ll let you watch the video and make up your own mind but keep an ear out for a comment by Executive Producer Jonathan Knight regarding the game’s level design and who the team managed to bring on board to handle the daunting prospect of envisioning the physical levels of Hell. All you people out there screaming “God of War” whenever we feature Dante’s Inferno footage should now feel all warm and fuzzy inside.