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Design the PS3A Sackboy, win a Golden Crown!

Submitted by on Tuesday, 4 August 200954 Comments

sackboy_golden_crownWe love competitions and giveaways here at PS3 Attitude. Heck, every Tuesday we even rebrand the site to ‘PSFree Attitude’ in honour of our weekly Twitter-based freebie-fest.

But this week we’ve got something really special for y’all. Yes, we’re offering you the chance to get your hands on one of the rarest of commodities for your precious Sackboy – a Golden Crown.

So what do you need to do to win this glistening ode to your creativity and awesomeness?

PS3 Attitude is known for being a little different within the PlayStation 3 news fraternity. A completely philanthropic venture, every ounce of revenue we generate is given to charity. We privately fund the entire operation so that none of the charity money is used for administration purposes, and our entire team offer up their time without charge or salary.

One of the things that can really make a difference to us and our charity fund is when people spread the word about what we’re trying to achieve, driving more and more visitors to the site. Every extra visitor means additional revenue for our supported charity.

Some people choose to help up by joining our Facebook Group, our PlayFire Group or by following us on Twitter and ‘re-tweeting’ our news and musings.

But we’re missing that all important mascot who can help us make our mark within the PS3 itself. With that in mind, we need our very own Official PS3A Sackboy or Sackgirl – a character that embodies what we stand for but that is easy for LBP users to replicate within the game.

So here are the instructions:

  • Within LittleBigPlanet, design a Sackboy or Sackgirl that reflects what PS3 Attitude stands for. Make sure you include the key elements that make us what we are; Daily PS3 news/reviews/interviews, a little attitude and a lot of charity.
  • Make a note of what LBP elements and DLC you used when making the Official PS3A Sackboy, as this will make it easier to complete the entry form below. You’ll need to be able to describe how to build the PS3A Sackboy, so don’t make it too complex! You may only use items found in the original LBP and DLC – don’t use your own stickers made using the PlayStation Eye.
  • Take a screenshot of your Sackboy within the game; a front view using the ‘Photo’ option in the ‘popit menu’. After taking the screenshot, you can use the square button to open up the ‘Export to HDD’ option. After exporting, the photo will be available for you to copy to your PC/Mac and, therefore, upload using the form below. You can also use a camera, but remember to turn off the flash!
  • Now, complete the form below and upload your photo. By submitting the form you agree that we can use your Sackboy design in the future without royalty or payment. You also agree that we can publish your First name, City and Country when we announce the winner.
  • Important: We can only offer a Golden Crown for download through the EU or US PS Store. You will need to own the corresponding regional copy of LittleBigPlanet (i.e. if your local store is the US, you will need a US copy of LittleBigPlanet).
  • The competition will run for the next three weeks, closing at 16:00 UK time on Tuesday 25th August 2009.
  • After the competition has closed, we’ll go through all the entries and will pick a winner by 16:00 UK time on Friday 28th August 2009.
  • The winner will receive a voucher code to download their glorious Golden Crown within 14 days of winning the competition. Their design will be distributed via various outlets for everyone to copy in order to help us spread the word about PS3 Attitude within LBP.
  • N.B. One entry per person only please…

Feel up to the challenge? Could you be the winning designer?

Bookmark this story now to make it easier to return and complete the entry form below. Oh, and please consider using the Donate button below to help us raise even more money for GamesAid – you know it makes sense!

Good luck and may the best designer win!

P.S. You can keep tabs on the entries by visiting our Flickr photoset for the competition.

Please help PS3 Attitude raise more funds for GamesAid – donate now…

The competition has now closed – we had over 100 entries! Thank you to everyone for your time and effort. We’re off to judge the designs now and will reveal the winner by 16:00 UK time on Friday 28th August 2009.

Updated: August 25, 2009

To clarify the rules, we clearly stated "You may only use items found in the original LBP and DLC - don't use your own stickers made using the PlayStation Eye". This means that you cannot take a picture with your PlayStation Eye or webcam and use that picture on your design. It does not, however, stop you from creating an object (such as a PS3A logo) using the tools LBP offers you and then shrinking that object down to fit on your Sackperson. Anyone who uses this technique is just being creative, and their creation will stand.