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Dragon Age: Origins Concept Art Goes Underground

Submitted by on Friday, 7 August 2009No Comment

DAODragon Age: Origins is coming along nicely.

If the latest murky, tomb-like screens and concept art are anything to go on, that is…

BioWare’s RPG pedigree is near-legendary, with the likes of Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars: KOTOR granting them a (deservedly) massive fan base.

If Dragon Age: Origins can reach anywhere near the quality found in the likes of BG or KOTOR, everyone stands to win when the game is released later this year.While we don’t have any more gameplay to share with you all (boo!), we do happen to have found some new pieces of artwork and screens from the game (woo!).

We think they were in a creepy mausoleum. Possibly in a chest or a barrel somewhere…

Nonetheless, they look very good indeed.

The game is scheduled to hit shelves this October so get sharpening your axes, polearms, swords and shurikens for what is sure to be a gloriously violent romp about the fantasy world of Ferelden.

When you take into account the potential of DLC, the mature themes in the game, it must be said that it does read as the consoles’ answer to the like likes of – whisper it – Diablo 2… Just check out the DA:O FAQs to see what we mean.

Colour us purple with excitement. Possibly beetroot.

We can’t be the only ones excited about this game, are we? Let us know in the comments!