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European stores start to slash the price of the PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 6 August 20093 Comments

PlayStation 3OK, something is definitely going on.

Apparently if the PSP Go was the “worst kept secret at E3”, the latest in the long line of Sony’s “there’s no smoke without a nuclear blast” big reveals is the impending price-cut of the PS3.

We’ve already discussed how Japan are getting ready for … something. Now it appears both Spain and Italy know something the rest of us don’t do.

Thanks to our stellar friends over at Gamezine, we’ve now learned that Spanish retailer Alternate have slashed their PS3 price from the normal €399 to the mythical figure of €299. And if that wasn’t good enough, our crazy Italian cousins have only gone one step further with retailer CHL going all the way down to €249!

For our British friends, these prices are in the region of £250 while our American pals, despite the strong euro versus the dollar, should expect the equivalent price of $299 for new PS3s over on your side of the Atlantic.

Unlike special offers such as the recent Amazon deal or the like, these appear to be standard permanent price cuts in lieu of what we can only assume is an impending official statement regarding the PS3’s price.

Gamescom can’t get here soon enough.