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Fairytale Fights out October 27th in NA / 23rd in Europe

Submitted by on Monday, 17 August 2009No Comment

Fairytale FightsSick and definitely surreal, good news for fans of the macabre with the violent Fairytale Fights scheduled to unleash its wickedness on North America this coming October 27th. Lucky Europeans will get the game four days earlier on the 23rd.

Looking through the press release of the announcement, we’ve also uncovered some tantalising aspects of the game that have gone unnoticed until now. Did someone say vomit rendered in real time?

Behold some interesting elements from Playlogic’s twisted take on the fairytale genre.

• Dynamic Slicing – Playlogic’s proprietary mechanic allows players to cut anything off of any enemy anywhere in real time, rendering repetitive collision-based canned animations a thing of the past.
• Volumetric Liquid System – Blood, acid, vomit and goop, it’s all rendered in real time allowing for any liquid to naturally combine with any other (often to hilarious ends), as well as real time trails, footprints and slipping to occur in the bloody mess.
• Co-op for up to 4 players.
• Over 100 weapons.
• One of the most distinctly unique uses of the Unreal 3 Engine on the market.
• Deep and interactive downloadable content to be released on a regular basis post launch.

You had us at Volumetric Liquid System …