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Fat Princess patch hits Asia; Titan offer gameplay hints

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 August 2009No Comment

Fat PrincessHats off to Titan Studios for when they say they’re on something, there’s really on it.

Completing the trifecta, we’re happy to report that the “Why Can’t I Connect?” Fat Princess patch (aka 1.02) has now finally spread to Asia.

With NA, Europe and now our friends in the east receiving this assuaging connectivity fix, we’re hopeful anyone who wants to play with a Chubby Cake-Muncher, now can.

Also popping up on the official blog are some exceptionally handy hints and tips for the strategically minded Cake forager.

We’ve posted them here but be sure to check out the blog for more scrumptious Fat Princess details.

Chubby Chasing Champion

Your choice of class greatly affects the maximum movement speed of a carried Princess. The top speed at which the Princess can be carried is based on the maximum movement speed of the class carrying her. It does not matter if you have 10 players escorting the Princess, if she is being carried by a Warrior the group cannot move faster than the Warrior’s top speed.

In addition each teammate escorting the Princess carrier adds a speed boost to the party. The amount of boost provided is dependent on the maximum movement speed of the attaching class. Try adding Warriors to your escort group for slower movement with a strong defense or Workers for a faster get away. Wow what was that streaking blur that just pasted by? Why it was a Villager escorting another Villager carrying the Princess!

Launch me baby one more time!

Have you ever tried launching from a Catapult that is not charged to full power?  Each jump in the Catapult adds a specific amount of power, allowing players to launch themselves and objects to different parts of the map.  Try different Catapult launch powers on each map to create diverse new strategies.

Operation Hot Stuff

Fire buffs are awesome, they add damage to the attacks of both the Ranger and the Warrior.  Have you tried using the Mage’s AOE to set fire to logs to create a mobile fire buff station?  Burning logs will burn for 15 seconds and can be relit multiple times. Burning logs can also be carried without causing any damage.  Try adding fire buffs to your strategies for devastating effects.

Here’s Johnny!

Think you know all the tricks of the Worker? Well they may have another trick up their sleeve. Workers attacks produce the most damage to structures by far.  Need to destroy the enemy Castle doors? Are there large rocks covering secret tunnels? Use the Worker to break down barriers quickly and open the way for your blood thirsty teammates.

OMG! What does the Curse do?

So you probably have an idea of what the Dark Priest’s AOE Curse does, but do you really know?  Well let’s put you out of your misery. The Dark Priest’s curse actually has four incapacitating effects, it will stun the enemy making their controls wobbly, it will prevent the enemy from being healed, it will disable the enemy’s lock-on functionality and it will break and remove any AOE charge the enemy is holding.  Do you want to stop an enemy Dark Priest from draining your teammates? Curse him! Is there an enemy Warrior being healed by 5 Priests? Curse him!

Finally, the blog also states that the next patch (1.03 if you’re following these sort of things) will focus on the baffling phenomenon of missing Princesses. You know, the issue they previously said they couldn’t replicate …

We’re assuming they’re figured out how to recreate the conditions and numerous Rotund Royals have recently gone missing over in studio Titan.