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Fat Princess patch now live in EU

Submitted by on Friday, 14 August 2009One Comment

Fat PrincessTrue to their word, Titan Studios have updated their official blog announcing the availability of what they’re calling “the connection and lag patch” for EU territories.

Of course, we’re calling it the “it’s about time and we better be able to connect now” fix.

Though the update focuses on the connectivity woes, the Titans also took the opportunity to tweak numerous elements within the cake-filled game.

The official 1.02 release notes are as follows:

  • The server selection heuristic has been modified so that ping time has been more heavily weighted when selecting potential matches.  This will result in players being connected to games in such a way that game population and ping are more evenly weighted.
  • Newly hosted servers will be more attractive to potential clients and thus fill up more quickly. The change will also better distribute connection attempts among servers and thus reduce failed attempts.
  • Potential servers will be given less time to respond to ping requests.  This should speed up that portion of the connection process.
  • Selected servers will be given more time to establish a connection, resulting in fewer failed attempts.
  • The connection code is less sensitive to packets coming back out of order.  This was a cause of failed connections.
  • Ice Mage and Dark Priest AoE scoring has been adjusted from 10 points to 2 points per enemy affected.
  • Non-worker resource return has been reduced from 20 points to 10 points.
  • Feeding the princess has been reduced from 20 points to 15 points.
  • Castle door hit points have been reduced slightly from 30 to 25.
  • The Princesses’ calorie burn has been increased at weight stage 2, 3, and 4.  Calorie burn was previously 2 per second at all stages.  Stage 2 is now 4 per second, stage 3 is 8 per second, and stage 4 is 12 per second.

As for our Asian friends dutifully awaiting this update – you needn’t worry. The patch will be available in your region shortly.