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Fat Princess now fatter; patch goes live in NA

Submitted by on Saturday, 8 August 20094 Comments

Fat PrincessThey weren’t kidding when they said an update was imminent.

Reported over at the official US blog, Fat Princess maestro Chris Millar from Titan Studios has confirmed that a patch promising to remedy “the majority of connection issues” dropped for NA players last night.

Not in North America? Don’t fret fellow Cakeonians, Europe and Asia will see their own patches released as soon as possible.

Taking the opportunity with this impromptu update to address class balancing and the ranking structure, Titan have also tweaked the points system as follows:

  • Squire – 500-599
  • Private – 600-699
  • Corporal – 700-799
  • Sergeant – 800-899
  • Ensign – 900-999
  • Lieutenant – 1000-1249
  • Captain – 1250-1499
  • General – 1500-1749
  • Warlord – 1750-1999
  • Sir (Dame) – 2000-2249
  • Baron (Baroness) – 2250-2499
  • Earl (Countess) -2500-2999
  • Duke (Duchess) – 3000-3499
  • Lord (Lady) – 3500-3999
  • Prince (Princess) – 4000-4499
  • King (Queen) – 4500+

It’s been well documented how Fat Princess’ launch was anything but a robust and rewarding experiencing. If you’ve been hesitant to throw down some coin for the rotund royal due to the known connectivity woes up until now, perhaps this update will convince you it’s time to introduce more cake into your diet.