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“We’re working on Fat Princess issues. Patch imminent.” – Titan Studios

Submitted by on Monday, 3 August 20093 Comments

Fat Princess By now you’re likely to have finally gotten your hands on all that delicious and forbidden cake.

You’ve therefore no doubt also realised that the game has not only brought numerous gastro-inspired delights to the table but a less palatable menu of glitches, bugs and — the bane of all online gamers — latency issues. That’s “crippling lag” to the rest of us.

Speaking on their official blog, Fat Pricess developer Titan Studios have confirmed that not only are these teething launch issues known, the studio are hard at work getting a patch live as soon as possible that corrects the more blatant of technical hiccups.

Providing a handy email address where sufferers can vent send their abuse suggestions, Titan have singled out some of the more flagrant of woes that appear to be impacting most people, discussing them openly on their blog.

Areas such as “Ice Mage abuse”, “difficulty joining games” and “rank and point balancing” are all quoted as repeat offenders. However, the biggest culprit in the royal ruckus appears to be that old bugbear: lag. Confirming a fix is underway, Titan reveal that the tweaked functionality will change how matchmaking is performed with the lowest of available pings being favoured. This correction will hence leave servers on the other side of the world and/or at the bottom of a mine-shaft well down your list of choices.

According to the blog:

“We have already tested this patch on our own client machines, and performance appears to be dramatically improved. We are working with Sony now to get the patch into the Sony testing process as soon as possible. For those of you having trouble – thanks again for your patience. Fat Princess went through comprehensive testing with Sony in the US and Europe, and a beta, but these issues did not manifest until the game went live at scale. Rest assured, we’re working on it, and think we have it largely addressed.”

Finally, for those of you experiencing the inability to connect altogether from a NAT3 network configuration, Titan explain that you really need to be on NAT2. We could have told you that. What we’re not going to tell you is how to change your router settings. As Titan also state: “there’s a host of information on the matter available on line.”

We still think it’s strange that such latency issues could get through the testing net; especially considering they appear to be quite obvious to the lay-man. Three years into the life-cycle of the PS3 and still games are launching and completely missing the mark when it comes to day-one online robustness. Here’s hoping some lessons were learnt during this latest misstep and the patch gets here soon.

Keep an eye out for PS3 Attitude’s Fat Princess review which will appear shortly.