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GC09; Aliens versus Predator – the PS3 Attitude preview

Submitted by on Thursday, 20 August 2009No Comment

aliens-vs-predatorIt takes a lot to ensure your FPS title stands out from the crowd these days, especially with the vast array of options available.

Aliens versus Predator does this in spades by allowing you to play in single-player and multi-player as any one of the three main factions in the game; Alien, Predator or Marine.

In our preview, we were treated to some of the standard AvP action that has been seen elsewhere, and most recently at E3. AvP looks like an accomplished shooter, although as we’re viewing pre-Alpha code it is a little rough around the edges still.

Regardless of the polish needed, it is extremely satisfying to see the aliens coming at you thick and fast, the action owing more to survival horror games such as Dead Space than it does to plain shooters like Call of Duty.

The big reveal for GamesCom is the ‘play as alien’ mode. When playing as the alien, the graphics change accordingly, with lots of high-level effects and a fish-eye lens. The alien only has one real objective in comparison to the Marines or Predators – find hosts to create more aliens and ensure the species survives. Aliens are great at close-quarters combat. The idea is to get in, make the kill and then vanish back into the dark.

Of course, the alien can travel anywhere within the level – on the walls, ceilings and through pipes, just like in the movies. This has made level design really interesting, as every part of the environment can be interacted with when in alien form.

The AI of the human troops at this point is very impressive, even in this ‘work in progress’ build that we saw in Cologne today. When approaching troops from above, for example, they may decide to use their flamethrowers to corner you or flush you out, before following up with a volley of gun-fire.

We even saw the alien successfully ‘harvest’ a civilian by holding them down and releasing one of those famous face-hugger creatures that made the original movies such compelling viewing.

The AI also extends to the civilians themselves, who will try to get away by closing doors behind them and, when cornered, will even commit suicide rather than be turned into your latest surrogate mother.

By allowing you to control the game through the alien’s eyes, and with their single-minded view of the world around them, AvP just got a lot more interesting.

Along with marine and Predator single-player modes and the four-way co-op modes, you’ll also get full multi-player modes with the ability to mix two or three of the factions against each other, something we hope to see more of when we get hands-on with the multi-player mode in AvP this September.

AvP will colonise the space on your gaming shelf sometime in February 2010, with a demo planned to arrive on the PSN after Christmas.