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GC09; Hands on with God of War III

Submitted by on Friday, 21 August 20092 Comments

god-of-war-3-headIt was the moment we’ve been waiting for since we heard that the God of War franchise was coming to our beloved PS3 all those moons ago.

What we weren’t quite prepared for was the sheer violence of the latest chapter in Kratos’ story. In fact, it didn’t matter if you spoke German, English or any other language in Hall 7 at GamesCom – everyone understood what was meant as wave after wave of awestruck gamers uttered the same refrain…


The controls in God of War III are everything you would expect if you have ever played any of the other titles in the franchise, including the stunning PSP outing, Chains of Olympus. In making this latest outing, they haven’t played with the controls much, which is good news for fans.

What grabs you straight away is the sheer attention to detail. Everything you’ve ever seen in the original or second PS2 titles is ramped up to 11, and every graphical element is as crisp as the air at the peak of Mount Olympus itself.

Despite the fact that the hall was filled with the noises of hundreds of gamers, you could just make out some of the impressive musical score and sound effects that give Kratos his backdrop.

In our playthrough, we took on a raft of enemies who all seemed to act much more intelligently than they have in previous outings. Battling a huge cyclops, we took control of it using Kratos now famous twin blades and crushed the enemy, before despatching the one-eyed creature in the most – well – brutal way ever.

It was at the point where we were literally ripping someone’s head off that jaws across the room hit the floor and everyone gasped at the sheer excess of the violence on show.

God of War III is shaping up to be one of the most incredible genre defining games of the current generation, an awesome showcase for the PS3 and – all at once – one of the most controversial games ever devised.

And for those reasons, we can’t wait to get our hands on the real thing.