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GC09; GTA IV: Lost and the Damned coming to PS3? – UPDATED

Submitted by on Thursday, 20 August 2009One Comment

gta4-carsOops, it looks like a PlayStation forum moderator has slipped up a little and dropped a big bombshell: Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost and the Damned may be coming to the PS3.

In a thread that has now unsurprisingly been deleted, Yaster, who is part of the moderation team for the European forums, was talking about his visit to the Rockstar booth at Gamescom and had this interesting thing to say…

And they were certainly showing some PS3 love – Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned was available to play in a special 18+ area, we didn’t manage to get our hands on it due to the MASSIVE queue – but those inside looked pretty ***** excited.

The fact that this post has been deleted adds more weight to the significance of what was said. It appears to be a straight confirmation of the existence of the game for the PlayStation 3.

What is behind that fence?

What is behind that fence?

You may remember Microsoft reportedly paid $50 million dollars to secure the exclusivity of two GTA IV episodes. It could have been a timed deal, or maybe sales were not a high as expected and there is a special get out clause in the contract. After all, no sales figures have yet been released for the episode.

Although we don’t report rumours here at PS3 Attitude, we are happy to present you with the evidence so you can make your own minds up.

It will be interesting to see what happens next, but for now feel free to express your own thoughts in the comments.


Updated: August 21, 2009

This isn't very solid evidence, but EBGames have listed a strategy guide for Ballad of Gay Tony on the Xbox 360, PC and PS3.