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GC09; Resonance of Fate includes over 150 hours of gameplay

Submitted by on Friday, 21 August 2009One Comment

resonance-of-fateResonance of Fate is one of those rare beasts; a JRPG that is actually making roads out of Japan. Known as End of Eternity in the land of the rising sun, Resonance of Fate is close to being finished and localised for US and European markets.

But it isn’t the fact that this is one of the rare Japanese role-playing titles to be distributed elsewhere that grabbed our attention. No – it was the sheer scale of the project that opened our eyes to what the game might hold.

In the distant future, Earth has undergone a drastic change in the environment, which has resulted in near extinction for mankind. The remaining humans built a gigantic device called Bazel, a spike-shaped purifier buried deep in the ground.

People have colonised Bazel itself, building a city around the tower. The upper classes live in luxurious apartments at the top of Bazel while the lower classes reside among the many districts built around the base and stem of the tower. For countless years, all is well, until one day the purifier inside Bazel begins to malfunction.

The presentation is very much in the standard JRPG style, as you would expect from developer tri-Ace. The game will enjoy a release in the US before the end of the year, with Europe following soon after in 2010.

Like many games of this type, you are offered fixed paths for your character to move through, but the settings haven’t been pre-rendered as you would find in some similar titles. Instead, your environment surrounds you in full 3D. Although the game won’t support stereoscopic 3D TVs, the effect is similar to those games that do.

Your ability to explore the massive environment is limited by the quests you complete in the game. As you complete certain tasks, you’ll earn different tiles which can then be placed on the map to unlock specific zones.

The combat within Resonance of Fate is a fairly typical turn-based affair, although during the Matrix-style acrobatic (and aerobatic) battle animations you can choose when you would like to shoot and when you would prefer to wait to power up. As in games like Valkyria Chronicles, you have a certain amount of movement points that diminish as you move.

But what is surprising is that Resonance of Fate contains around 150 hours of content if you want to achieve absolutely everything. Even a ‘standard’ play-through is going to take you between 50 and 80 hours for the non-completists who just want to get through the story.

Resonance of Fate has a nice graphical style to it and a huge amount of space to explore. We just hope that it isn’t repetitive content, something we’ll be able to tell you more about when we get hands-on with the game later this year.