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Get Wet – Behind the scenes with the making of Wet

Submitted by on Monday, 24 August 2009One Comment

WetBy now you may have already feasted on the demo of what is undoubtedly the cheesiest, most over-the-top, Taratnino-esque and hippest games about to hit – Wet.

For those who want to know about the guys (and one particular girl – Eliza Dushku) behind the game, check out this video documentary.

We hear from the game’s writer and creative designers as they discuss the premise and traits that make Wet stand out from the crowd. With influences ranging from Kill Bill, Dirty Harry and every retro film from the 1970s, it’s apparent that Wet has a strong story along with oodles of sex appeal and gratuitous blood-letting.

We also get to witness Eliza Dushku, the voice of Rubi, deliver some of her more colourful of lines. She’s definitely in to it, and you can’t help but feel that if Wet is successful and a subsequent live-action movie ordered, Eliza herself would be pushing hard for the part. But the questions is: will Wet be a success?

There’s no doubt that Wet is rockin’ its own style but, under all that 70s exploitation grindhouse feel, will the gameplay become derivative and one-dimensional? This is unfortunately the vibe we get from the demo with its simplistic gun-battles and by-the-numbers sword-play. Of course, we’ve only dipped one toe into the world of Wet, and this is not to say that the title can’t bring something delicious and different to the table. We just don’t know how long we’d like to sit there or order from what’s on the menu.

But we like kung fu spaghetti westerns, inappropriate humour and relentless violence, and Rubi comes across as a breath of fresh air in a genre full of tired and hackneyed femme fatales so we’ll reserve final judgment. We shall have to wait and see.