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Ghostbusters Patch Increases Resolution, Releases Trophies From Ecto-Containment Unit

Submitted by on Thursday, 27 August 20092 Comments

ghostbuster_jpeg_v4_flatWe told you in our review that it wasn’t a game breaker, but most of you went and cried foul anyway about Ghostbusters’ resolution on the PS3 when compared to the Xbox 360 version.  “We got effed in the a” was the general consensus of many a PS3 owner.  Maybe there was some truth to that after all.  Maybe.

Proving once again that the squeaky wheel gets the grease (if it complains online long and loud enough), Ghostbusters The (PS3) Videogame has received a patch today that not only increases the resolution to match the Xbox 360’s, but also makes a couple of online trophies …ummm, how do you say, finally obtainable.

So besides the much bitched about resolution bump and other localization (finally able to find online buddies to play with), freeze (frozen, no more), and online fixes; the more annoying issue with Ghostbusters was thankfully addressed: the Pay Day and No Job Too Big trophies can now be earned without the need to find the Gate Keeper with the Key Master in tow.  Thank Gozer for that.

For the few of you who are not loading their Ghostbusters Blu-ray right now, the Pay Day trophy was supposed to unlock after you were the overall top earner in each multiplayer campaign setting; which was extremely finicky on what conditions were to be met for unlocking.  This one was almost as annoying to to get as GTA4’s Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic.

The No Job Too Big trophy was earned after defeating all ‘Most Wanted’ ghosts. Guess what, depending on your luck, you could be from one to two most wanted ghosts short; they just wouldn’t materialize.  This lead to many a controller smashed against the wall.  That’s bad news for local wall repairmen but great news for Trophy Whores everywhere.

Although both trophies are of the Bronze persuasion, every trophy counts when going for a Platinum.  You know what we’re talking about.  So we know of at least one individual who is booting up his copy of Ghostbusters; do the graphic bump and online fixes bring you back or are you still afraid of them ghosts?