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God of War 1 & II coming for PS3 as God of War Collection

Submitted by on Monday, 31 August 20095 Comments

God of WarEagle-eyed conspiracy theorists might recall a certain survey that did the rounds some months ago.

Asking how best to celebrate Kratos’ triumphant return in God of War III, one possible suggestion was re-releasing the big guy’s two previous outings on the PS3.

Some saw this as tacit admission of full backwards compatibility returning to the PS3, others didn’t care and just wanted to know if the survey was hinting at the ultimate God of War fantasy.

Thanks to our  friends over at the official PS blog, that (wet) dream has just come true.

The original God of War and God of War II for the PS2 have been remastered in glorious 720p HD for the PS3 and will come with, wait for it, trophies. Running at 60 frames per second and with a complete graphical overhaul, if you’ve been dazzled by the God of War III footage over the last few months but were perhaps a little hesitant due to a lack of familiarity of the Greek monster slayer, this is a perfect opportunity to get up to speed before Kratos destroys everything in sight come March of next year.

The God of War revisit with consist of both games on one Blu-ray disc and is entitled the God of War Collection. The double-pack of awesomeness will cost $39.99 which, considering you’re getting two stellar games in HD and with trophy support, is a complete steal.

We’re also intrigued if this is the start of a new movement within Sony in terms of enhancing great games from yesteryear and breathing new life into them on the PS3.

What other classics from the PS2 era would you like see “get the Kratos treatment”?