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Say Goodbye to the G25 and Hello to the G27

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 August 2009No Comment

15891.1.0We all know about the G25. The steering wheel of the elite. At £125, it featured everything except an F1 driver in the box to drive your games for you.

Long has it been the pinnacle of design and style in the world of gaming peripherals.

But no more! The suitably-named G27 has come out of the pits fighting and is now careening towards stores worldwide in time for a release in September.

And what will you get for your (wallet-emptying) £329?

Well, first off it looks pretty similar. As you can see in the shots at the bottom, the two are pretty close in terms of visuals. The 11″ wheel stays, as do the steel pedals. The G27 now sports fancy RPM and shift indicator lights along with a ton of buttons on the wheel itself.

The wheel and everything all look much sleeker than the G25 too, in our opinion.

Here’s the specs straight from Logitech themselves.

  • Performance
  • Dual-motor force feedback mechanism with helical gearing: Experience traction loss, weight shift, and road feel recreated smoothly and accurately, while enjoying the exceptionally quiet steering action.
  • RPM/shift indicator LEDs: Keep an eye on the indicator panel to know just when to shift gears for maximum torque (in supported games).
  • Sixteen programmable buttons plus D-pad: Map useful game functions to locations that make sense to you—whether on the wheel itself or on the shift module.
  • 900-degree wheel rotation: Turn 2.5 times around lock-to-lock, just as you would behind the wheel of many real cars.
  • Ultra-precise optical encoding: A sensor constantly tracks the wheel, ensuring that any movement you make is reflected in-game, without dead zones or lag.
  • Carpet grip system: Retractable teeth flip down to keep the pedals from sliding around on carpeting.

No doubt this will be the wheel of choice for all the GT5 fans out there, so long as they won the lottery recently.

Let’s hope that Kazunori Yamauchi has had his hands on this and has already integrated some fancy stuff in GT5 to allow everyone to get the best out of the G27.