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GC09; Gran Turismo has crash damage; 1,000 cars

Submitted by on Wednesday, 19 August 20092 Comments

Gran Turismo 5Taken out of the protective garage once more for a new spin at Gamescom, Polyphony’s Gran Turismo 5 is generating a lot of heat over in Germany.

In order to cater for this new attention there has also been an update to the official GT5 web-site revealing some new details of the perpetually upcoming racer.

The big news is that, and you can take this as official, there is crash damage with car deformation and the ability to even flip your ride on to its roof (not recommended).

We even have visual proof in the form of some gameplay footage captured at the event.

For the statisticians out there, the new GT will feature about 80 tracks and 1,000 cars. It should be said however that a lot of them appear to be rehashes from previous GT games. Not only will the aforementioned crash damage affect the outside of your vehicle but the cars’ interiors will also break up after you’ve slammed your Evo into a barrier at the new Tokyo track.

If you want to catch what some of the (minor) damage looks like, look no further than this cam footage of some gameplay from Gamescom.