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Heavy Rain = Heavy Writing = Heavy Playing

Submitted by on Wednesday, 26 August 20094 Comments

Heavy_rain Heavy Rain has been making waves at GC09 this past week.

One of the snippets which has come to light is the length of script, and boy is it a mammoth. Not literally, obviously… That would just be ridiculous.

No, Heavy Rain has one of the largest scripts of any entertainment medium we have ever heard of.

For comparison, the average script is between 95 and 125 pages long.

Heavy Rain, on the other hand? It weighs in at a colossal 2,000 pages.

Even compared with a book, that is a monumental amount of writing. When was the last time you sat down to a 2,000 page book?

One of the team recently read the unabridged version of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ – the unabridged version, no less. That took over a month of nightly reading – and he is not a slow reader by any measure.

The Stand is 1,168 pages long. Admittedly this is a novel rather than a script, but it highlights a serious point.

See, there were concerns raised about the length of the game considering the limited knowledge of the title, combined with the apparently heavy reliance upon quick time events.

We can now lay those fears aside now, though. With one page of script equating to approximately one minute of screen time, this means that in order to see everything the game has to offer we will have to play through at least 33 hours of game.

And that’s if you were just to see everything you need to see just once, not just play through each time to get to each new sequence. Of course this is no surprise when you think about it, considering the wildly branching storyline and multiple paths available to the gamer.

Anyway, this little nugget came out of a video posted over at the EU PlayStation Blog.

Take a look, there’s some interesting stuff there.

Then come back and tell us your thoughts. We’ll have a hands-on ready for you very soon indeed.