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Heroes in a half-shell? Take a look…

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 August 20096 Comments

tmnt010Upcoming PSN remake, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled, is now available to see in all its HD glory via the wonders of the inter-tubes.

And it is looking mighty fine, if you ask us.

Which most people do.

What has us most impressed is the multi-player potential of TMNT:TITRS (no snickering at the back!)

After all, is it just us, or are we not sorely lacking in local four player games right now? I mean, Buzz can only go so far.

It looks like the game is shaping up to be a cracker, and we can hardly wait for the game to hit the PSN. With four player brawling game play, this ought to appeal to both lovers of the original game and those who just cannot say no to the likes of Streets of Rage.

For now, we have to make do with the trailer up top. Of particular interest is the visual style of the game – nice and cartoon-y. As for the music… well… memories, eh?*

Exactly as it should be, if you ask us.

The game is based on one of Konami’s biggest arcade games from back in 1991, Turtles in Time; widely regarded as one of the best Turtles games ever. As such, it carries a lot of weight on those broad green shoulders.

If the game is the huge success we all hope it will be, there will be many a pizza party rounded off nicely with a bout of baddie-bashing. If it is awful, on the other hand, we predict many fans will be ambling up to Ubisoft HQ to start handing out three-fingered punches.

Naturally, we are hoping for the former.

What are your thoughts?

*at least for the older more mature ones on the team, anyway!