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The Homerun – 13th August 09; Motorstorm 2, Batman and Gamescom

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 August 2009One Comment

The HomerunThe Homerun is back with more news and views on the new content to hit PlayStation Home this week, plus anything else we can fit in.

It’s a busy week from all directions so let’s get straight into it.

North America and Europe this week finally get a Motorstorm space, but be quick because it won’t last forever. The Motorstorm Sphere will only be available for a limited time, which puzzles us because it’s better there, than not there.

But it does showcase concept artwork of an in-development Motorstorm space due for release down the line, although they don’t really show you much. There is a trailer of the three Motorstorm games too but apart from that this space offers little.

In addition, the PlayStation Blogs have provided additional screenshots of some of their work inside Home, and it looks like we will be getting a personal apartment inspired by the game, which is great but will probably cost money.

Deep in the desert, there's a secret Home for avatar people.

Deep in the desert, there's a secret Home for avatar people.

European Home users will also be able to purchase new clothing from, the V-Store, MySoti and Threads where you can buy special Motorstorm inspired costumes for both male and female avatars.

Now, you should all know by now that Gamescom starts next week in Cologne and there is set to be a few PlayStation announcements from that, and so to celebrate the event Sony has launched in Europe a special events space that includes a brand new mini-game; Shape Blast.

The game is quite decent really for PlayStation Home as you must shoot through eight hoops hanging from the ceiling using a cannon, and get a nice reward for your troubles. It’s good to see another space get a great interactive element that gives you more reason to come back.

Watch videos on a big screen and shoot through hoops - what could be better

Watch videos on a big screen and shoot through hoops - what could be better

The giant screen in the space will showcase highlights of Sony’s conference as Home has yet to receive the capability of streaming live video, which is a shame but better than nothing.

You will also see the words ‘Watch this Space’ dotted around the room – a clear sign that significant things will be announced on Tuesday.

Alright, now we have finished covering all the content for Europe we can cover what’s specifically new in North America, where there’s the surprise unveiling of a Batman Arkham Asylum apartment exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

To get this cool looking space, just purchase a copy of the game after the title releases on the 25th of August. This is a great bonus incentive – if you need one – to pick up the game and fingers-crossed this is a start of something new where more games will copy this scheme of adding in a bonus space for simply putting the disc into the machine.

Are you the real Dark Knight?

Are you the real Dark Knight?

A popular element of the Central Plaza is the Listen@Home area that streams free music to everyone in the space and it now has a new list of events that show you what’s coming up in the online universe including Street Fighter IV Game Launching parties.

There are also some updates scheduled again for the EA Sports Complex that seems to be updating all the time. The Burn Zombie Burn game space is also set to be updated soon, hopefully solving the current problems of getting into the Maze mini-game.

Elsewhere in the news this week, the team behind the widely popular Xi ARG in PlayStation Home have confirmed that they are working on a number of new spaces, apartments and games that are due “very soon”. However, these will not be based around an Alternate Reality Game as before, although they are working on one outside of Home.

We don’t have any more details on their new content, but we can be sure they will have some sort of interactive element to them as that’s clearly their forte.

Well that is it for this week’s Homerun. Will there be another next week? Well that depends if Sony plans on any extra content thanks to the Gamescom event, but if there is nothing new then the Homerun should be back in two weeks time.