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The Homerun – 20th August 09; Universal Game Launching and more

Submitted by on Thursday, 20 August 2009One Comment

The HomerunWell we weren’t so sure if there was enough Home news this week to warrant a Homerun, but it turns out we got more than we bargained for with the recent announcement of PlayStation Home version 1.3.

So here are our views on the week’s PlayStation Home news.

This update is the most significant change for the product since its launch so here are all the details.

In September, the new v1.3 update will bring a host of new features and changes that will give you more reason to come and visit.

This is a good addition to Home because it will persuade more people to give Home a chance, knowing that they can quickly and easily jump into one of their games.

A feature that we have been asking for a long time now is a preview option for items you can buy from the Shopping Mall and Centre. Thankfully, Sony has added this long overdue feature into 1.3 and it can be used for clothing as well as furniture.

You can even use it with multiple items at the same time to make it easy to get that perfect look, so many people may be more inclined to buy items now that they can make sure it is right for them.

Another new feature is the ability to rent and purchase what Sony call consumables because they work for only a limited time. One example is a shrinking potion to make your avatar as tiny as a tiny thing that sounds cool but could get old after a while.

Hey over here! It's me the borrower!

Hey over here! It's me the borrower!

This no doubt will be a great money making machine for Sony and we only hope that they don’t charge us too much like they seem to do with the majority of items you can buy right now.

Finally, the available items for the inventory are growing – no longer will the Bubble Machine be the sole object for it! In v1.3 a camera will be given away for every user to take pictures in first or third person and are saved to the hard drive, then they can be used in picture frames if your region supports them – in other words North America.

My best side is my right side

My best side is my right side

More items are on the way which is great, although they won’t necessarily be free but there is only so much that they can give away.

We are glad to say that Sony has taken notice on some of the horrible issues that have plagued Home since the beginning.

Gone will be the days of Bubble Machines causing havoc for people trying to start interactive elements in spaces as you can now hide any portable object from view.

Other changes include an optimised targeting system that will hopefully make it easier to start games that are surrounded by other people, a queuing feature that will make it easier when waiting for other people to finish what they are doing, a customisable cache size from 3GB to 12GB, and new emotes that include ‘action’ varieties that involve interaction with other gamers.

All this will really make a change to PlayStation Home, and with the new Audi and SingStar spaces that were announced at Gamescom, you will be really missing out if you don’t visit the online service regularly.

Finally, Sony has released a new client at version 1.23 today that validates save data to check it belongs to the PSN account you are logged in with. Also, each personal space now has its own save data file.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this week’s Homerun, and please join us next time where we hope to be reporting on brand new content arriving across the globe.