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The Homerun – 27th August 09; 100s of new content, Buzz! Tomato Challenge

Submitted by on Thursday, 27 August 2009No Comment

The HomerunWelcome back to another Homerun PlayStation fans! This week we will be giving more news and views on all the new content for PlayStation Home that has arrived in Europe and North America.

In an unusual turn of events, content for Sony’s biggest game this year so far is arriving in North America nearly two months after Europe. We are so used to seeing it being the other way round, although we would rather everyone got it at the same time.

The Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room apartment is based on the final stage of the campaign mode in the game and a variety of furniture, some of which we have not seen before, will be releasing in the Shopping Mall too and available for purchase.

A video that shows off the new space for Americans can be seen below:

Additionally, the new Post-Apocalyptic apartment is a brand new never seen before space with around 70 pieces of furniture being released for this room alone.

Now all that is going to cost a lot of money, so we are glad to say that SCEA are being very generous by offering a special value bundle of furniture for this space, and this should be friendlier to your wallets than if you were planning on buying the items separately.

We would like to see similar offers done more regularly and it would help Sony introduce gamers to what is on offer and encourage them to spend more money in the future.

This week alone SCEA are releasing a massive 100 pieces of content and they include some new animated clothing.

We must admit, these look very cool and we especially like the glow sticks. We can’t wait to use them in the SingStar space that will be arriving soon!

Now that we have swept through all the content arriving in North America, it is Europe’s turn.

We are sad to say that the Fat Princess has packed up bags and gone this week, but in her place is Buzz from the Buzz! Quiz games.

How well do you know your race circuits?

How well do you know your race circuits?

The Buzz! Tomato Challenge is a new game that involves answering questions. For every question you get right, you get the opportunity to try and hit Buzz with a tomato.

You may be struggling to understand what the relevance of tomatoes and the Buzz! Game is. Well the answer is simple because the World Championships for the game were recently held at the Tomato festival in Spain, so they thought why not combine the two and put them in Home!

Continuing from the trend of getting a reward from completing a game in Home, you can earn yourself a cool Buzz! Tomato Head by successfully throwing a tomato at the quiz master ten times in a row within the time limit. It does actually look really cool and a better reward than others that are available in Home – We care more about earning clothing than furniture.

Suitable for cold weather

Suitable for cold weather

A number of stores in the Shopping Centre are also getting updated including Alter Ego that will have a new value bundle.

The Diesel stores are also offering new haircuts, including one of our pet hates; the comb-over!

I am NOT losing my hair!

I am NOT losing my hair!

If you live in Deutschland – if we do have any German readers we would love to hear from you in the comments – then you will finally get the Motorstorm Sphere that all your European peers have had for a while now. Time for a celebration ja?

And that is it, another Homerun for the 27th of August 2009. Did you know that we have been running the Homerun regularly for 5 months now? Look how far we have come!

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