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More evidence for Gran Turismo 5 release this year

Submitted by on Monday, 24 August 20093 Comments

Gran Turismo 5It appears that more evidence has risen that suggests Gran Turismo 5 will be releasing this year after all, despite no official announcement at Gamescom.

A picture taken by GTPlanet of the game’s official brochure given out by Sony at Gamescom strengthens the possibility that the game could still release before 2010.

Although it is written in German, a quick translation into English explains that the game will release in the “4th Quarter of 2009”.

Now unless it’s referring to the fiscal year and not calendar year, this appears to be very strong evidence that our wishes will actually come true.

It is very possible that Sony is saving the big announcement for the Tokyo Game Show, which is the home of both Sony and the game’s developers; Polyphony Digital.

Perhaps Sony felt the news would get overshadowed by the PS3 Slim, and leaving it for the headline announcement next month would be better.

Nevertheless, if Gran Turismo 5 does release this year, it would be a major development and will do wonders for PS3 sales, especially in Europe and Japan.


Will the real driving simulator be releasing this year?

You can then combine this with what was hinted on a recent 1UP Podcast, and the confirmation that the game will release “shortly” after the PSP version.

In our opinion, it is hard to deny that there is too much evidence supporting the possibility that Sony’s biggest franchise, Gran Turismo, will get the full PS3 treatment this year, to be ignored.

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