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New Final Fantasy XIII characters revealed; Jill and Yaag

Submitted by on Friday, 28 August 20092 Comments

Final Fantasy XIII JillThe latest issue of Famitsu brings us details of two new characters to the Final Fantasy XIII universe; Jill Nabato and Yaag Rosch. Despite appearing in the latest trailer at E3 this year, up until now, we have had no details on these two antagonists of Lightning.

Jill has been called many names; a female Sephiroth, a blonde Sarah Palin, but her true title is a PSICOM lieutenant. She is directly in control of the governments soldiers and, as a contrast to her beauty, she is a cold-hearted and ruthless shell of a woman.

Yaag is a fellow lieutenant as well except he has more of a heart. With his serious demeanor and strong sense of justice, he will do his best to protect the people of Cocoon. Because of this, he views Lightning and her crew as pests that must be eliminated. He is also one to question his government, leading us to think that he might not be so bad after all. Perhaps he’ll be joining our side by the end of the game?