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New PlayStation 3 Ad Campaign Rules, Kills Viddler

Submitted by on Thursday, 27 August 20097 Comments

PS3_new_adsWell don’t look so shocked former Geico Guy turned PlayStation’s new VP of Enough is Enough/Director of Rumor Confirmation, these ads are just too awesome for one site to host and we think you knew that.

That’s right, the US PlayStation.Blog favorite video service Viddler has buckled under the awesomeness of Sony’s new PlayStation 3 ad campaign.  YouTube must be giggling right now.

While Viddler is hard at work recovering from the millions (and millions) of visitors eager to take a look at the two new PS3 adverts, we are here now to tell you what is obviously clear.  The direction taken by Sony with Deutsch LA’s ad wizards is brilliant.  Hey, they should make me the VP of No Duh.

Rest assured, as soon as Viddler rises from the ashes we will add fuel to them in the form of even more links to these magnificent videos to kill Viddler once more.  PlayStation 3, it really does everything.

$299? What $299?

Come on! (PS3A Favorite)

The one that started it all.


Updated: August 27, 2009

Videos are back up! Check them out. Plus, the Viddler 'death' explained by one of the founders in the comments below.