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PlayStation 3 total hardware and software sales announced

Submitted by on Monday, 3 August 20095 Comments

PlayStation 3Sony has revealed their sales numbers for the PlayStation3 console from launch to June 30th 2009.  Since November 2006, a total of 23.8 million consoles have been sold worldwide.

In the same time period, Sony managed to accumulate a total of 189.7 million software sales, and that includes from the PlayStation Network and from at retail, across all publishers.

We try to shy away from discussing other consoles, but for the purpose of comparison, Microsoft is said to have shipped over 30 million Xbox 360s, although it is worth noting they launched their console a year in advance to Sony’s PS3.

Nintendo, who are a Japanese manufacturer just like Sony have performed with an impressive 50 million consoles shipped since launch in 2006.

You may remember only a few days ago we reported that 1.1 million PS3s were shipped for the first quarter of this year, which is around two thirds for the same period the year before. Clearly the global recession has been a major catalyst in creating the disappointing quarterly figures.