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Design the PS3A Sackboy – the winner announced

Submitted by on Friday, 28 August 20098 Comments

sackboy_golden_crownFor the last three weeks we’ve been running a competition for our most coveted prize ever – an über-rare LittleBigPlanet Golden Crown for the winner’s Sackperson to wear within the game.

We’ve been blown away by all the entries – over 100 designs of every possible type – and we take our collective hats off to all those people that entered the competition. You have truly amazed us with your brilliance.

But there can be only one winner, and the time has come to announce who we’re ‘crowning’ as the designer of the new Official PS3A Sackboy.

But before we get to the top spot, we wanted to make mention of a couple of the runner-up entries, and a really special effort from a reader who went not only the extra inch, but a whole extra mile.

We were super impressed at the effort that went into creating the entry we called ‘Chim-Chimney-Chim-Chimney…‘ – put together by Joel of Houston, Texas in the USA. The sheer attention to detail and incredible hard work that went into this Sackboy was outstanding, and unfortunately was one of the reasons it didn’t ultimately win! Since none of us could re-create the design, it couldn’t become our mascot as this was one of the key criteria in the competition.

We doff our caps to Joel as we were super-impressed at his efforts, and the ten pages of instructions sent in with the design!

Other designs that made the final stages of our voting included gems such as ‘Come to the cabaret old chum‘ by Ryan from Centereach, New York in the USA and ‘I said that I was wearing the black outfit!‘ by Thomas from Antony in France.

In addition to the brilliant designs (which you can view at our Flick Feed), one of our readers went the distance and created a superb level in LittleBigPlanet that explains how to create his entry. He has also gone to the trouble of dedicating this level to PS3 Attitude and has thrown lots of great advertisements for the site into it as well.

Big thanks and a lots of applause go to ‘bballkid9393’ – if you want to play through his PS3A level, just search for bballkid9393 in LittleBigPlanet and all will be revealed. The quality of his work is without question. We’d recommend you try out his other level too…

But, of course, all the plaudits belong to our winner.

Congratulations go to Tom of Chester in the United Kingdom for his Sackboy design, which we called ‘Fangs for your entry’ (pictured below).

The winning entry!

The winning entry!

We picked this from the 100+ entries because of a number of reasons. The costume and colour showed us the little fella had a lot of attitude, which was one of the things we mentioned in the competition description. Plus, black, white and red are the official PS3A colours, to boot.

In addition, the ‘bag of coins’ showed us that this little fella is out there collecting money for our charity fund, a key part of what we wanted to show with our Official PS3A Mascot.

Finally, we were able to re-create the design without issue inside LittleBigPlanet, which means that you’ll be able to produce the Official Mascot inside the game too. This was one of the key criteria for the competition since we’re keen for you, our dear readers, to be able to use our little mascot in-game whenever you feel the need.

Not only that, but we were able to reproduce slight variations on the design, that still looked like the full mascot, by using alternative parts since some of our users may not have all the relevant DLC needed to make an exact copy. This further increased the popularity of Tom’s design amongst the staff here at Attitude Towers.

Soon, Tom’s winning design will be featured here at PS3 Attitude with all the instructions you’ll need to re-create him within the game, so look out for him popping up all over the site and elsewhere!

Thank you to everyone who got involved with the competition. Your time and effort is truly appreciated, and all your designs will remain on our Flickr Feed so that everyone can enjoy them.