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PS3A Sackboy Design Competition; Staff Edition

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 August 20092 Comments

sackboy_golden_crownBy way of some extra inspiration for our awesome Design the Official PS3A Sackboy competition – where you can get your hands on one of those uber-rare LBP Golden Crowns – some of the staff here at PS3 Attitude decided to design their own entries.

Well, when we say ‘entries’, we really mean ‘inspiration’, since none of the team here at Attitude Towers are allowed to enter for real.

And when we say ‘design’, well… why don’t you decide for yourself!

The internal struggle to design the best Sackboy left a few of our team sidelined, not able to produce any kind of Sackperson. However, what you see here are four inspirations for your very own PS3A Sackboy competition entry. We dare you to do better. In fact, we absolutely insist upon it!

These ‘non-entries’ also open up a small window into the minds of our team, which is not always a good thing but we were willing to take the risk.

Take a look at the staff designs below, and tell us which of the four you prefer in the comments. Oh, and then go and enter the competition yourself… a Golden Crown awaits!

[flickr album=72157621883819401 num=5 size=Small]