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Resistance 2 – the PS3 Attitude Retro Review

Submitted by on Wednesday, 5 August 200910 Comments

resistance2_art3-thumbWelcome to the PS3 Attitude Retro Review, where we take another look at titles that were released at least six months ago and discover whether they still ought to garner your attention. First up, Resistance 2.

Resistance 2 was the highly-anticipated sequel to Fall of Man when it released back in November last year.

Thankfully it moves on from the dull and grey surroundings of 1950s England, and takes the war against the Chimera across the vibrant landscapes of the USA.

Throughout the game, Nathan Hale, the protagonist from the previous title, fights the army of aliens in landmark cities of Chicago and San Francisco, as well as lush forests deep in the country. The game starts right where the first one left off and you’re taken straight into the action, with the very first obstacle you come across being a giant Chimera standing miles high over you and destroying everything in its sight.

Let’s be clear here, Resistance 2 feels like Fall of Man on steroids. It’s bigger and brighter than before; from the sheer scale of the maps to the quantity and size of the aggressive Chimera, everything is even more impressive than before.


Bigger and badder than before

Even now the game performs well in the visual department compared to others, and although some areas of the title are a bit patchy, overall it’s stunning to look at.

In this second outing against the Chimera invasion, the game has changed dramatically to follow the plot directly from Nathan Hale’s perspective, ditching narrator Rachel who made us feel like onlookers previously.

The larger size of the maps is arguably a double-edge sword because you are required to do more travelling and some people may find this tiresome and unnecessary but it does give you time to explore and admire the surroundings.

The sky filled with Chimera

The sky filled with Chimera

Keeping with the big theme that is attached to this game, Skirmish multiplayer mode offers massive 60-man battles, something we have yet to see improved upon since for a console, which is impressive but in reality it doesn’t necessarily make it any more fun or addictive.

Another selling point for Resistance 2 is the inclusion of eight player online Co-op, toppling the two man offline edition we saw before, although we feel it could be better integrated with the campaign mode. Unlike the first game, the Co-op is based around the goal of completing short tasks and we admire how players are sorted into categories from soldiers to medics so you feel that you must work together in team matches.

Resistance 2 expands beyond the Blu-ray disc onto where you can find leaderboards and other statistics, plus recently a dedicated PlayStation Home a space was added that includes a mini-game and game launching.

New patches have since enhanced the experienced, adding new features including allowing a local co-op friend to sign in with their PSN ID, and DLC has come in the form of an ‘Aftermath’ map pack, giving you more reasons to keep playing.

If these don't scare you then what will?

If these don't scare you then what will?

Luckily you don’t need knowledge of the previous outing to enjoy Resistance 2 to the max – all is explained in the opening minutes of the campaign. For those of you who are not experts in first person shooters then you have nothing to fear because almost anyone can jump in and play this game.

It’s clear that Insomniac had the next game in mind when making Resistance 2, and the climax certainly adds more questions than answers, but we look forward to the next game in the franchise (assuming there is one).

Sony will be happy with how well the game has been received with a metacritic score of 87, which we think is an accurate score to give based on our opinions.

Resistance: Fall of Man vs Resistance 2

Resistance: Fall of Man vs Resistance 2

Sales numbers are largely satisfying with an estimated 1.57 million copies sold worldwide according to VGChartz, although it falls well short of Resistance: Fall of Man that has sold more than double at 3.61 million, although that title had much fewer competitors.

Resistance 2 continues to take the franchise to new heights and is alien to the series opener. It’s not perfect, but Insomniac games have created a fun game that you can easily pick-up and play, and the vast multiplayer experience helps to enhance the impact the game has to the PlayStation 3 platform.

Even now this is still a experience that you’re really missing out on if you don’t have it in your game collection.