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SCEE see themselves head-to-head with Microsoft

Submitted by on Monday, 24 August 2009No Comment

PS3 SlimWith the massive price drop, and introduction of the slimmer PlayStation 3, SCEE boss Andrew House can see the company fully taking on the challenge presented by Microsoft that has seen the PS3 linger behind Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in total sales for the region.

PlayStation is seeing a great rebrand through the re-release of both the PS3 and PSP consoles as the company hopes to go back to their roots that took them to success with the original PSOne and PS2.

Speaking to MCV, House believes the changes they are making will help them in the console wars:

We’re competing very seriously, head-to-head, with Microsoft in Europe right now – and this gives us a major opportunity to do that more aggressively. We have very high hopes for the new PS3 and think it will deliver a significant increase in our sales.

Although he did admit that he didn’t want to make any “further bold predictions” and has to be cautiously optimistic.

In our view there is little Microsoft can do at this point to respond to the price cut, but we hope Sony push a lot of advertising behind their new console and price to get word out to everyone that they mean business, and in our view, offer the best value for money.

Exclusives like Uncharted 2 at the end of the year will no doubt do their bit to help Sony too.