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ShopTo is cheap for PS3 Slim, but have The Hut trumped them?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 August 20095 Comments

PS3 SlimRecently, announced they were taking pre-orders for the new PS3 Slim at only £229.00 in the UK. So we thought we’d do some digging around to see if this really was the best deal for British PS3 fans.

As with any article of this type, the details are correct at the time of writing. With ShopTo putting pressure on other retailers, anyone could meet or beat that deal at any moment.

So where should you place your bets if you want a PS3 Slim next week? We’d suggest to take a look at all the options first…The ShopTo deal is great for consumers, with £20 being taken off the standard price of £249.99, and delivery within the UK is free of charge.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that you may need to purchase an HDMI cable to connect the PS3 to your HDTV, and you’re not going to get any games in that price, either.

At the time of writing,, GAME, Amazon and GameStation all had the PS3 Slim at the full retail price (or just slightly under) of £249.99, all with free delivery too. However, if you’re about to buy, click on the links below to check that they haven’t already done a better deal.

However, The Hut continues to impress with their bundled PS3 Slim packages.

Not only do they have the PS3 Slim available at slightly under the standard retail price, they have decided to create three bundles at the same price.

With one bundle, you get the PS3 Slim, and HDMI cable, Fallout 3 and a copy of Day of the Dead on Blu-ray for just £249.73 including delivery. That is a whopping £85 of products for just £20 more than the ShopTo price for the console alone.

There are two other bundles to be had at the same price, all with a game, Blu-ray and HDMI cable, so be careful to take into consideration all the options before you go and save yourself just £20 – you might find a better deal elsewhere.