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SOCOM: Confrontation Patch 1.50 Finally Arrives This Tuesday

Submitted by on Friday, 21 August 2009One Comment

SOCOMTook them long enough.  The team at Slant Six in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment America is finally (finally) ready to unleash the mother of all patches to one of the games that has needed them the most.  We speak about the almost mythical patch 1.50 and SOCOM: Confrontation.

The patch to bring SOCOM from under the rug and into the limelight is finally almost upon us.  This gargantuan patch aims to revamp, re-tool, re-imagine, re-fix and re-optimize almost the entire game experience.  SOCOM is no stranger to patches, but this one is the one we have all been waiting for in North America since October 2008.  That’s two months shy of a full year; are you still interested?

Die hard SOCOM fans are just happy to get it, casual fans may have a reason to go play it again and undecided buyers may finally be swayed to give the next-generation SOCOM a try if this patch truly fixes all the issues that have ailed this poor game since day one. Here are the (really) quick and (really) dirty details of patch 1.50:

  • New features? Clan Ladders, Tournaments, Calendar, Follow-A-Friend, and Private Games
  • Crashes, freezes and hangs? Fixed.
  • Gameplay exploits? Blocked off.
  • Gameplay bugs? Squashed.
  • User Interface? Improved.
  • Weapons? Balanced.
  • Map/Level/Board specific bugs and exploits? Removed, fixed, tweaked, closed and smoothed.

Judging by the massive ‘highlights‘ of Tuesday’s patch, no stone was left unturned.  Here’s hoping that Tuesday’s deployment of patch 1.50 goes without incident and really really works this time.  We’ve been promised wonderful fixes before.  Will this be enough to pull you back in or is this an offer that you can totally refuse?

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