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Sony patents emotion recognition software

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 August 2009One Comment

Sony Motion EngineFirst we saw Sony’s new motion controller, then we heard about some new tools for recognising faces, and now… emotion recognition?

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filled a new patent for technology to recognise emotions such as laughter, boredom, sadness, anger and joy.

The technology is not limited to just the PS3, but appears to have been patented with Sony’s PlayStation Eye and motion controller in mind.

In fact, it is sounding very much like Microsoft’s Project Natal. Of course, just because they have filed a patent, doesn’t mean it will ever get used, but our guess is that Sony are trying to match what Microsoft has been touting as next-generation technology to avoid sitting in old looking technology.

If this would truly work with the PlayStation Eye, Sony have a great head start as hundreds of thousands of them have been bought by consumers already. If the technology is ready for use, they could be giving it to lots of gamers straight away.

Obviously, it is debatable if we really want this kind of gameplay in our consoles, but who knows what the future will bring.

We can expect at least some talk of Sony’s motion controller at their conference for Gamescom, so it will be interesting to see if they have anything else to announce on the subject.