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The Agency top brass defect; form Detonator Games

Submitted by on Tuesday, 4 August 2009One Comment

The AgencyShip jumping appears to be all the rage these days with yet another spate of high-powered industry big-wigs leaving the comfort of their plush gaming towers, this time setting up shop on their own.

Trio Matt Wilson (Executive Producer), Corey Dangel (Art Director) and John Smith (Producer) — all former employees of Sony Online Entertainment — have been confirmed by SOE as no longer working at the Seattle based studio.

Considering all three industry stalwarts previously worked on the upcoming espionage themed MMO The Agency, what impact does their departure have on the audacious title? Not a lot apparently.

Matt, Corey and John have confirmed on the official website of their new company, Detonator Games, that they are no longer a part of the SOE family. Quoting their decision to breakaway from SOE as “a very hard decision”, they’re upbeat and wish the project and their old colleagues well for the future. No burning bridges here.

With The Agency in development for nearly five years now, naturally our thoughts turn to the future of the game and any changes/shake-ups that may incur as new personalities maneuver into the now vacant positions. SOE have confirmed that the recent departures will not affect the project, however, and that “the team in Seattle is still working diligently on this project.”

So, whatever you’ve heard of a “reboot” — forget it. As SOE have quite clearly stated to Eurogamer:

“The Agency is not undergoing a reboot of any sorts – that is incorrect.”

That settles that then. We’ve high hopes for The Agency, and though hearing of three main players involved with the project suddenly leaving is somewhat of a surprise, we’re hoping the end product doesn’t suffer from such a late staff upheaval.