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The new Saboteur trailer: An Irishman in Paris

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 August 2009No Comment

The saboteurGameSpot have posted up a new trailer for Pandemic’s colourful The Saboteur and it sure is decadent.

Posing the obvious question of “What’s an Irishman doing in Paris?”, the answers are pretty much what you might expect: drinking, fighting, and blowing up Nazis.

The new footage focuses on main character Sean Devlin and his relationship with the French Resistance in occupied Paris; including how they are prepared to fund and supply his personal vendetta against the local Germans. We also get a full-on assault of Sean’s roguish charm and way with the ladies (and head-butts).

Heaven forbid we get an Irishman who is reserved, law-abiding and is capable of passing a pub without drinking it dry or throwing some chairs about the place. Then again, such a man would be useless when it came to knocking out Nazis with a single punch.

Despite Sean’s questionable accent and idioms (he actually says “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya”, we’re not joking), he comes across as a likable character and someone we wouldn’t mind spending a few hours with along his blood-soaked journey towards revenge and other hedonistic shenanigans.

The Saboteur is out in December.