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New Transformers DLC lets you play with G1 Prime

Submitted by on Tuesday, 4 August 20094 Comments

SoundwaveStill fuming that Michael Bay had the nerve to put flames on Optimus Prime? Disgusted that the enigmatic leader of the Autobots appeared not as the traditional flat-nosed cab-over truck format but instead as a ridiculous Peterbilt model?

Hey, at least they kept Peter Cullen’s voice, right? And that Megan Fox. She ain’t too bad to look at. No? Fine. There’s no pleasing some.

Luckily for the purists who only recognise Optimus in his G1 incarnation, new DLC for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will allow grown men who still play with toy robots the chance to send Prime off to battle as his true original self. And if nostalgia doesn’t have you reaching for your wallet, perhaps the chance to unleash the fury of Soundwave will.

Check out a couple of character art shots from the upcoming DLC pack below.